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Partner with OZZO and give your customers an unparalleled dining experience with our state-of-the-art digital menu system.Real-time updates, visually appealing menus, multilingual options and eco-friendly, it has everything you need to boos your restaurant’s success. Sign up today and elevate your business with OZZO!

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Say goodbye to waiting on waiters. Our contactless menu offers a safe, hygienic & innovative digital dining experience.

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Easily create and modify menus in real-time. Plan your menus, adjust prices and launch new items with just a few clicks.

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The flexibility of offering multiple daily menus to differentiate your breakfast, lunch, and dinner offerings with ease.

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Maximize your savings and streamline your operations with our cost-effective menu management system, designed to significantly reduce printing and design expenses.

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Quick answers to common questions about the OZZO menu management system.

How does the digital menu system work?

The OZZO digital menu system operates by leveraging technology to provide an electronic version of a traditional menu, accessible to customers through various devices such as tablets, smartphones, or dedicated digital menu displays. Here's a general overview of how it works: 1) Menu Creation: The system allows the venue to create and design their menus digitally. This includes adding menu items, descriptions, prices, and images. Venues can also set up different menus and pricing options based on specific time slots or days of the week to meet the varying demands of their clients. 2) Menu Display: The digital menu can be displayed on tablets or digital screens within the venue. Alternatively, customers can access it through their own devices by scanning a QR code or accessing a website or app. The displayed menu can be dynamically adjusted based on the scheduled time or date, presenting the appropriate menu offerings for that specific period. 3) Menu Navigation: Customers can browse through the OZZO digital menu, view different sections, and explore the available offerings. They can easily scroll, search, or filter items based on preferences such as dietary restrictions or categories. 4) Updates and Real-time Changes: The digital menu system enables venues to make real-time updates and changes to menu items, descriptions, prices, and availability. This includes the ability to schedule changes in the menu based on time or date, allowing seamless transitions between different menus throughout the day or week. 5) Special Features: OZZO offers additional features , such as language translations, allergen or nutritional information, inventory management tools and advanced scheduling options, allowing venues to pre-plan menu changes for specific time slots or dates in advance. 6) Analytics and Insights: OZZO provides data and analytics on menu performance, customer interactions, and other valuable insights, helping venues optimize their offerings and make informed decisions. In summary, the OZZO digital menu system replaces traditional printed menus with electronic versions, offering enhanced functionality, flexibility, and convenience for both venues and customers. It simplifies menu management, improves efficiency, and enhances the overall dining experience.

How can updates and changes be made to the menu?

Making updates and changes to the menu in the OZZO Merchant digital menu system is a straightforward process. Here's how it can be done: 1) Merchant Access: Access the OZZO Merchant digital menu system, which is typically a dedicated web-based management interface. This access is usually provided to the venue owner or authorized staff members. 2) Menu Management: Locate the menu management section within the OZZO Merchant web-app. This is where you can view and edit the various aspects of your menu, including items, descriptions, prices, and images. 3) Edit Existing Items: To update or modify an existing menu item, select the item from the menu list or search for it using the provided search functionality. Make the desired changes to the item's details, such as modifying the description, adjusting the price, or uploading a new image. 4) Add New Items: If you want to add new items to the menu, navigate to the "Add Item" or similar option in the menu management section. Fill in the required information for the new item, including its name, description, price, and any accompanying details or images. 5) Remove Items: If there are menu items that need to be removed, locate the "Remove" or "Delete" option next to the respective item in the menu management section. Confirm the removal to eliminate the item from the menu. 6) Save Changes: After making any updates, additions, or removals, ensure to save the changes. This ensures that the modifications are applied to the digital menu and reflected in the customer-facing interface. 7) Real-Time Updates: Once the changes are saved, the digital menu system will update in real time. Customers accessing the menu through their devices will see the revised menu with the updated information, prices, and images. OZZO offers user-friendly interfaces with intuitive menu management features, making it easy to update and customize the menu according to your requirements.

How much does the system cost?

The digital menu system offers three pricing plans to cater to different subscription durations. Here are the details: 1) Monthly Plan: The monthly plan costs 24.99 Euro per month. This plan allows you to access the system on a month-to-month basis, providing flexibility in your subscription. 2) Quarterly Plan: The quarterly plan costs 19.99 Euro per month, billed as a 3-month subscription. With this plan, you commit to a three-month period, which offers a discounted monthly rate compared to the monthly plan. 3) Yearly Plan: The yearly plan costs 11.99 Euro per month, billed as a 12-month subscription. This plan provides the most cost-effective option, with a lower monthly rate due to the longer commitment. By offering these three plans, the digital menu system ensures flexibility and affordability based on your desired subscription duration. Whether you prefer a monthly commitment or longer-term savings with quarterly or yearly plans, there's an option to suit your needs. Please note that these prices are subject to change, and it's always recommended to refer to the latest pricing information available on our website or contact our customer support for the most accurate details.

Can the system handle different prices for different times of the day or days of the week?

Yes, the OZZO digital menu system can handle different prices for different times of the day or days of the week. This feature allows venues to adjust their pricing based on specific time slots or days, catering to various factors such as peak hours, special promotions, or changing demand. To implement different prices based on time or day, the OZZO digital menu system provides options for menu scheduling and price variations. Here's how it can be managed: 1) Schedule Management: Within the OZZO Merchant interface of the digital menu system, there is a schedule management feature. This allows you to define different time slots or days of the week and assign specific menus or pricing configurations to each slot. 2) Menu Variations: Once the schedule management is set up, you can create multiple menu variations with different prices. Each menu variation can be associated with a specific time slot or day. For example, you may have a breakfast menu with certain pricing, a business lunch menu with different pricing, and a dinner menu with another set of prices. 3) Price Adjustment: Within each menu variation, you can specify the prices for the menu items. This can be done by manually setting the prices for individual items or applying percentage-based adjustments to the base prices. 4) Time Slot Activation: As the scheduled time slots change throughout the day or week, the digital menu system will automatically activate the corresponding menu variation with the associated prices. This ensures that customers accessing the right menu during different time slots see the appropriate menu and pricing for that specific period. By utilizing the menu scheduling and price variation features of the OZZO digital menu system, venues can seamlessly handle different prices for different times of the day or days of the week. This flexibility allows for strategic pricing adjustments to maximize revenue, optimize operations, and cater to the varying demands of customers based on specific timeframes.

Does it have analytics to track customer engagement and preferences?

Yes the OZZO digital menu system offers valuable metrics to track customer engagement and usage patterns. The following metrics are available: 1) Number of Menu Scans: The system records the number of times the menu is scanned by customers. This metric helps gauge overall menu interaction and customer interest. 2) Number of Unique Users: The system tracks the number of unique users who have accessed the digital menu. This metric provides insights into customer reach and the potential customer base. 3) Number of Unique Tables Scanned: The system captures the number of unique tables that have scanned the menu. This metric helps identify table-level engagement and customer preferences. The provided metrics are available on an hourly basis, allowing managers to track usage patterns throughout the day. Additionally, managers can choose to view this data on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis, providing flexibility in analyzing customer engagement trends over different time frames. While these metrics offer valuable insights into customer interaction with the digital menu, it's important to note that OZZO provides a useful understanding of customer engagement and usage patterns to inform decision-making and improve the overall dining experience.

Can the menu be customized to include different languages or allergens information?

Yes, the OZZO digital menu system can be customized to include different languages and allergens information. These customization options are often available to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of customers. Here's how these features can be implemented: 1) Language Customization: The OZZO menu can provide language customization options, allowing venues to translate menu content into different languages. This ensures that customers (like tourists) who speak different languages can easily navigate and understand the menu. Language options can be displayed as buttons or dropdown menus, allowing users to switch between available languages. 2) Allergens Information: To accommodate customers with allergies or dietary restrictions, the digital menu system can include allergens information for each menu item. This information helps customers make informed decisions about their food choices. Allergen icons or symbols can be displayed alongside menu items to indicate the presence of common allergens such as gluten, dairy, nuts, or shellfish. 3) Custom Fields and Descriptions: The system offers customizable fields or sections where venues can add additional information specific to their menu items. This can include details about ingredients, preparation methods, or specific allergen warnings. By providing this information, venues can ensure transparency and help customers make choices aligned with their dietary requirements. 4) Visual Indicators: Visual indicators or icons can be utilized within the OZZO menu to highlight specific features or characteristics of menu items. For example, vegetarian or vegan icons can be used to identify plant-based options. This helps customers easily identify items that align with their preferences or dietary needs. By incorporating language customization and allergens information into the digital menu system, venues can enhance the customer experience by providing relevant information in a clear and accessible manner. These customizations contribute to a more inclusive and accommodating dining experience for all customers.


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